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Help us make educational videos

Make educational videos to help students that cannot access personal tutors.


If you already have a Youtube Chanel, contact us!

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Help us make wellbeing videos

Have tips for wellbeing? Want to have a greater impact? Submit videos or articles to have a greater impact.

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Help us make physical wellbeing videos

Love sports, and want to extend your love for physical education to others? Create videos to educate.

Create videos

Our videos are aimed to be additional material to school, not full lessons, therefore we aim for our videos to be between 5 and 10 minutes. 

Videos should be in clear, easy, English but graphics are not necessary. Captions will be written by us if needed.

All videos will go through professional teachers in the specific subject area and will be approved. If they need to be changed, we will send you specific points to alter. In order to minimise the work done, it is best to send us a brief overview of your video for approval first. 

If you are from Kent College Dubai make sure you are wearing your school uniform and have a sensible backdrop.

If you want to volunteer and don't have a specific subject to record for, contact us and we will provide you with all information. 

Contact us for any more questions or inquiries.

Video Shoot

advertise videos

If you already have a YouTube Chanel that has any sort of educational video, which you think might be beneficial to students, contact us to put up your videos on our website!

You will retain your views as per normal YouTube rates and will get more traffic as your videos will also be watched on our Website. You will still have full credit on top of advertising.

Minimal effort, maximum impact. We all need this during these hard times. Let's contribute together, hand in hand!

We'll be contacting you soon!

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