We are an initiative created by a group of students taking part in the GSL completion, aiming to tackle some of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 

We connect students whose parents are living in different countries to work, with educational resources and a wellbeing forum full of insights from professional psychologists.

Here is a safe place to learn, grow, prosper, and connect. We'll get through all tough times, Hand-In-Hand.

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GLobal Goals we Tackle

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WHy Us

Our website uses much less data than Youtube which makes it much more accessible to students around the world. It is also much safer as there are no ads, and videos have been specifically chosen by teachers making sure that they have been explained in the simplest way possible while conserving their correctness. We also answer any question students have and have a monitored forum where students can safely connect. In addition, trained psychologists are always ready whenever students want to connect, which will be done safely, and anonymously to get as much help as they need. Our website is completely free of charge and is there to support students as best as we can.

Mohd Alvin

Technology Manager

Luiz takes care of all the technical aspects of our initiative. He uploads all the videos on our website, takes care of the SEOs, and make sure the website is perfectly running.

He also takes care of our meeting minutes!

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Partner Coordinator

Yousuf connects with all our partners along with Alex and Rebecca and is the one that sends most of our emails, where Rebecca would then respond to. He spends a lot of time who are the best potential partners.

If you received a marketing email, it's probably been sent by Yousuf!

Meet the team

We are a group of ambitious students that are taking care of the initiative. After long meetings in the school's board room, we knew we wanted to tackle the SDG 3 and 4 mainly, so we came to creating this initiative connecting students all around the world.

Hover over our pictures to get to meet us and our jobs!


Content Creator

Zanelle takes care of our Instagram account as well as all our posters and brochures. She also takes care of any visual on our website or social media.

Zanelle is a wonderful artist so check out her Instagram @zabwinsky.

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Team Leader and Manager

Rebecca takes care of and oversees all the operations. She tells the team members what to do, send emails, takes care of all the regulations and leads all meetings.


Everything goes through her as she has the most experience and she's the one that works the most!


Research Manager

Francisco takes care of all the research in our team. He creates google forms,    email templates as well as recording our analytics and researching what are the best subjects to create videos on.

He always makes us laugh at every meeting!


Teacher Liason

Alex is the person that is always in contact with our teacher partners for video approvals and creation. He also coordinates with our wellbeing teachers for students in need.

Alex is also our ECO Club representative!


Marketing Manager

Anaik takes care of a lot of the writing part especially creating email templates and articles for several Newspaper outlets. He also coordinates with the school's marketing team for tips.

Anaik gives fantastic creative ideas!